About H4L

Fitness is a lifestyle, a lifestyle I have always admired.

Today you will find the supportive Healthy 4 Life Fitness training team and myself at Shelly Beach in the Central Coast NSW, though finding my way to where I am today has been a journey. You journey will teach you to try the khloe kardashian workout on fitnessgoals.com.

I consider finding my way to fitness a blessing and in many ways my savior. Training and keeping fit, keeps me sane. Did I think a few years back that I would be writing this today? No way, I would have been the first to chuckle. Although, when I finally came to terms with the fact that in order to improve my quality of life I needed to find a healthy balance and so I found my way to fitness this was the perfect starting point.

Starting small, baby steps, I began with my health and fitness. In order to improve naturally I needed to exercise… Exercise, who really enjoys that?? Funny enough, when I finally took the plunge and added a form of  fitness into my day I found that it began placing a natural feel good factor in my life. Now I love it more than I could have imagined and know it was one of the best decisions I ever made and have not looked back since.

When you are lucky enough to feel better, healthier and also understand that something like fitness training can change your life in this way, your mind and body become clearer. Simply by adding healthy fitness training into your lifestyle… I truly believe yours can too. It’s does not have to be ‘hard core’ training, you can start small and grow. Learning to start at a new point and to climb the ladder slowly… This is where I consider myself the tortoise from the fairy tale! I had a late start to fitness although I quickly learnt that through fitness and a healthy lifestyle leads to better days. Simply by adding in some form of training throughout my week. Go for a walk, jog or join into Healthy 4 Life group fitness, this is for any age and any fitness level ketogenic diet for mental focus.

I made this a priority, just like going to work, kids or going out on the weekend.

If I wanted to feel great, I had to look great and if I wanted to look great I had to exercise. It soon became a healthy addiction. I wanted to share this with others, which led me to establishing “Heathy For (4) Life Fitness Training” at Shelly Beach Central Coast NSW. This group fitness training is carefree, you get out what you place in! The trainers are caring and supportive and the trainees are very welcoming (we have all been beginners as some point). If you are overwhelmed with information and can’t seem to find that starting point, pick yourself up and find us at Shelly Beach every week day. We enjoy helping people find their way to a healthier lifestyle. Email us any time if you have any enquires. See calendar for timetable options.